Honeymoon Tours

Honeymoon Tours

While a wedding is said to be a girl’s first day of the rest of her life, a honeymoon is quite simply, a time of many firsts and beginnings that a couple will never forget. Filled with moments of forever after’s, promises and unbridled passion, every couple deserves a honeymoon and a marriage that classic romantic literature is made up of. And for an epic honeymoon, finding the perfect place is absolutely essential. It is the hardest jobs for any new married couples to decide where they should go for enjoy their honey time.

Getting married soon? Or are you already married and planning a second honeymoon? If you’ve always dreamt of the perfect romantic honeymoon, it’s time to stop dreaming. Here are the most beautiful honeymoon destinations in Rajasthan to visit, after which you won’t want to go back home.

Jodhpur – Honeymoon amongst the sandsJodhpur is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations of India and offers a unique and royal experience for the couples amidst the glittering golden sand away from the usual mountains and beaches.

The rustic villages, heritage monuments and the magnificent palaces make it a perfect place for a couple would like to visit soon after their nuptials. The village safaris and the interaction with the locals will give the tourists an actual feel of village life. Couples can go for a romantic lake excursion and explore various monuments and gardens. In Jodhpur, you will find glamour added to your honeymoon with enthralling palaces, colourful handicrafts and bejewelled camels.

Udaipur – Give a royal touch to your honeymoonUdaipur, Rajasthan is been considered as the perfect honeymoon destination for the couples. The beautiful lakes, white marble palaces with their stunning architecture offers the most romantic environment for the couples. The newlyweds would definitely find a perfect combination of love and romance in this city. Be it just wandering around in the city or having boat rides in the pristine and calm waters of lakes or just feeling the royal touches in the giant structures, the city has everything for the couples looking for the most romantic getaway. Udaipur is a perfect place to start your new life.

Jaisalmer – Enjoying passionate honeymoonJaisalmer is known as the golden city. It is emerging as one of the most popular honeymoon destinations. The beauty of the monuments, forts, desert and the folk music and folk dance here at Jaisalmer will offer the perfect atmosphere for enjoyment for the honeymooners.

The air of Jaisalmer is full of love, passion, sacrifice and affection and the couples experience the thrill and pleasure here during their honeymoon trip. The place has got forts, palaces, temples, towers and lakes. The couples can visit places like Tazia Tower, Jain Temple, Gadsisar Lake, Desert National Park and Sand Sam Dunes here at Jaisalmer making their trip the best one.

Ranthambore – The most adventurous jungle stay:Ranthambore is not only one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in India but it is also renowned internationally. The monotony of journies to beaches, hills and historical places will definitely be broken if couples visit Ranthambore for their honeymoon. The visitors can encounter the wildlife in their natural habitat. This will definitely bring an added charm to the entire honeymoon tour. The place is in between the Aravali Hills and Vindhyan Plateau in Rajasthan.

Imagine watching variety of wildlife holding each other’s hand.. The honeymooners can have a look at bats, deer, leopards, mongooses, Nilgai, sloth bears, tigers and wild boars and a number of beautiful birds.

Jaipur – Having seclusion in the pink cityJaipur is also known as the Pink city and is considered one of the best destinations for honeymoon. Newlyweds can have everything they desire, here in Jaipur. It has the beauty of desert sands, the seclusion from the city life, magnificent monuments and ancient Havelis.

While you are here, you can enjoy the folk dance and folk music. You can enjoy the sunset spreading its red gold rays over the pink city, making the honeymoon much more romantic. The city has some of the best places for staying and offers the most preferred ambiance for the newlywed couples.

Pushkar – Perfect blending of love and bondage:Pushkar is renowned as a sacred city of the Hindus and with an altitude of 510 m; it is located 10 km from the city of Ajmer, Rajasthan. According to Hindu Myths, Lord Brahma killed the AsuraVajra Nabha with a lotus flower. Petals of that lotus flower fell at three places one of which is Pushkar. It is believed to be one of the five dhams of Hindus.

Pushkar is surrounded by temples which the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb tried to destroy many times, but in vain. There was a time when Pushkar was surrounded by 500 temples and 52 palaces. The three sides of Pushkar city are surrounded by hills and the fourth has the magnificent golden desert. Activities like festivals, fairs, safaris and pilgrimages are common in Pushkar. Pushkar lake and Brahma’s temple are must see places.

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