History Of Rajasthan

Rajasthan’s history is entangled with real life stories of great warriors – depicting the great example of conquest and sacrifices. The trails which takes a tourists on a path to explore the vividness of the vibrant Rajasthan is obviously more than what words can speak! Colorful festivals, art & culture, forts and palaces, winds of sand dunes, dance of enjoyments, camel safari etc. are the best showcase of Rajasthan glorious history.

This unique and versatile Indian state is abode of Kshtriyas, warrior clans who claims to originate from the Panch Tatava (Sun, Moon & Fire). This North-Western part of India had been controlled by them for over more than 1000 years. The history of human settlements in the state is about 5000 years old. The richness of its history can be estimate by visiting the place many a times. It is said about the Rajasthan’s history that the state has more history that the rest part of the country.

The major parts of the Rajasthan have been occupied by the Indus Valley Civilization (Harappans). The land was invaded by various empires of that time. Excavations carried out in northern Rajasthan at Kalibanga around 1998 revealed the existence of human settlements of Harappan times on the banks of river that dried up later which is believed to be Sarswati. During 321 – 184 BCE Rajasthan was the part of the Mauryan Empire. Republics like Hunas, Kushans, Malvas, Arjunas. Saka Satrap etc emerged in a Rajasthan.

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