Distance chart

Distance chart



New Delhi

Agra210 KM4 Hrs 30 Min. Approx
Alwar/ Ajabgarh210 KM4 Hrs 30 Min. Approx
Ajmer395 KM7 Hrs Approx
Bharatpur220 KM5 Hrs Approx
Bikaner460 KM7 Hrs Approx
Jaipur265 KM6 Hrs Approx
Mandawa248 KM5 Hrs Approx
Ranthambore375 KM6 Hrs 45 Min.Approx
Samdoe255 KM5 Hrs 30 Min. Approx
Sariska240 KM5 Hrs Approx


Ajmer132 KM2 Hrs 30 Min. Approx
Bikaner330 Km6 Hrs 30 Min. Approx
chittorgarh325 KM6 Hrs Approx
Jodhpur340 KM6 Hrs Approx
Jaisalmer650 KM10 to 11 Hrs Approx.
Udaipur430 KM6 to 7 Hrs Approx

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